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Thursday, September 11, 2008


Leadership - High Schools: The Institute for Educational Leadership's (IEL) latest report — "Teacher Leadership in High Schools: How Principals Encourage It—How Teachers Practice It" — was supported by the MetLife Foundation. It shines a spotlight on teacher leadership in high schools, but the primary focus is on the crucial role that principals play in nurturing and support teacher leadership. Based in part on a voluntary national survey of high school principals (including principals in several of the National Association of Secondary School Principal's Breakthrough High Schools) the report confirms that teacher leadership is more prevalent in the classroom, and almost non-existent at policy levels (district and/or state). The report concludes with questions policymakers must consider in order to promote teacher leadership that is meaningful and enduring. Read and/or download the report here. Inquiries about hard copies of the report can be sent to: iel@iel.org.

Leadership - Community: Principals are increasingly turning to the community to help them engage families, share resources and meet standards. A paper by the Coalition for Community Schools, "Community and Family Engagement: Principals Share What Works," identifies six keys to helping school leaders engage families, staff, partners and the larger community in the life of the school. Read and/or download the report
here. In addition, the Coalition has a web site that is a one-stop source of information about the best research on and tools for helping principals effectively engage communities and families. Both resources were made possible by grants from the MetLife Foundation.

Leadership - The Nation: Noted education journalist, John Merrow, Executive Producer, Learning Matters, Inc., is collecting advice to give to the next President of the U.S. What should our next President do to fix our education system? Contribute your 2 cents

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


The National Policy Board for Educational Administration (NPBEA), a ten-member group of organizations with an interest in improving educational leadership policy and practice, is inviting participation in a review of the revised draft of the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) Standards (Educational Leadership Policy Standards: ISLLC 2008). These draft national policy standards will form the foundation for future work to create program standards for accrediting educational leadership programs at colleges and universities; and to craft practice standards at the state and district levels.

The draft standards are intended to identify broad policy functions of the educational leadership position. There are similarities and differences between the old and the new ISLLC standards. The framework of the six “broad standards” has been maintained, but the language has been modified. “Functions” defining each standard and research citations have been included, but “indicators” have been deleted. View the draft ISLLC standards here.

Click here to offer your feedback.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007


Last week, The Stanford Educational Leadership Institute’s report commissioned by The Wallace Foundation, “Preparing School Leaders for a Changing World – Lessons from Exemplary Leadership Development Programs,” confirmed that it is possible to create systematic learning opportunities for school leaders. An examination of eight pre- and in-service principal development programs in a variety of contexts identified common elements of highly effective school principal training and development programs, and other important findings. Read the executive summary here.

Based on a review and analysis of policies and practices to strengthen leadership and promote change and improvement in the public schools in Boston, MA; Memphis, TN; and National City, CA, the Education Commission of the States developed the Education Leadership Policy Toolkit. This recently launched online resource enables state policymakers, school district officials, principals, teachers and other stakeholders to tap lessons learned in eight critical policy and practice areas – from decision making processes to resource allocation to instruction, professional development and accountability. The Toolkit includes: Models, Audio Clips and Links, as well as Profiles of the three school districts. You can access the Toolkit here.

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