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About e-Lead

Welcome to e-Lead, a free online resource offering states and districts information about how to provide better professional development for principals. e-Lead is a partnership of the Laboratory for Student Success at Temple University and the Institute for Educational Leadership. e-Lead is designed to provide easy-to-read, easy-to-access information on the development of school leaders. The site is divided into four main parts:

  • LeaderShipShape Blog -- Our blog debuted in June 2005. It is designed to provide school and district leaders with the most current and relevant news, controversies, research, events, and opportunities in the field. LeaderShipShape is also the place to be the first to learn about exciting new additions to the e-Lead site.

  • Resources -- e-Lead's nearly two-dozen resource topics focus on issues related to school-leadership development. We provide a brief description of each topic and an annotated list of links -- to articles, research and other publications and tools -- for those users seeking additional information on what the topic is, its benefits, and some examples of the issue in action.

  • Principles -- The principles section distills some of the current professional wisdom and research on how to develop and support school leaders into "six guiding principles." For each guiding principle identified, we provide topical summaries and links to relevant professional-development resources.

  • Programs -- This section lists nearly three-dozen standards-based school-leadership-development programs from across the country. The threshold criteria for all programs included here is that they are standards-based; that is, they adhere to authoritative standards for what a principal should know and be able to do.